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The Best Different Types of Tile Flooring For Your Mudroom

Despite the name, the mudroom has become a popular part of the house. It’s often the first part of your house that visitors see.

It can set the tone for the rest of your decor. So, you want to choose an attractive flooring material to welcome visitors inside.

Yet foot traffic also brings water and dirt into the house. This may be the part of your house where you dry down your four-legged friends.

You’re going to need a non-porous floor surface that’s easy to clean and resists water.

What floor covering both looks good and lasts for years? The floor tile!

Keen to find the best tile flooring for your mudroom? Read on to learn more.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made of water, minerals, and clay. The tile is then shaped and fired. 

Most ceramic tiles come with a finish. Glazed tiles are often coated with glass and re-fired. This makes glazed tiles waterproof, making them resistant to spills.

It also makes them easier to clean. You can sweep ceramic tile floors in minutes, or use a mop for stubborn marks.

Due to the manufacturing process, they can mimic different types of stone. Ceramic tiles can even replicate the look of hardwood flooring.

You can find a huge range of colors to suit your mudroom decor. They’re also very durable so they’re a great investment.

Ceramic tiles are also easy to install. They’re perhaps the best tile for a mudroom floor.

However, glazed ceramic tiles can become slippery when wet. You can either choose a tile with a slip-resistant finish or put a mat in the mudroom. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain can make you think of delicate tea sets but porcelain makes an excellent mudroom tile. 

The hotter curing process makes porcelain tiles even harder than ceramic tiles. Their denser material makes them even more moisture-resistant. That’s because they’re less porous.

This makes these tiles easy to clean, and they resist stains. Simply wipe the surfaces to remove muddy footprints.

Over 50 million Americans experience allergies every year. So allergy sufferers can also rejoice because unlike carpet, porcelain doesn’t harbor pollen or dust.

You can sweep your mudroom every day, and mop once a week. That’s as much maintenance as porcelain needs.

Since porcelain is more durable, it’s also crack-resistant. That makes porcelain tiles a great choice for mudrooms in locations with extreme temperatures.

Vinyl Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer fantastic mudroom tile ideas. Yet if your budget doesn’t stretch to them, consider luxury vinyl tiles.

They’re made to mimic a whole range of materials, including stone or slate. While we’ve chosen lots of stone-based tiles for this post, why not use tiles to get a wood effect?

Wood would otherwise be a poor choice for a mudroom. It can absorb water and even if it’s sealed, water can seep between floorboards. Wood-effect tiles solve the problem.

Being vinyl, these tiles resist chips and scratches. Vinyl is already water-resistant so they’re also easy to clean.

Vinyl tiles are simple to install and need very few tools. This makes them a quick and affordable option. 

You can install vinyl floor tiles directly onto existing linoleum but you’ll get more even results if you install them onto concrete.

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles have the longest historical pedigree of any choices on this list. Even the Romans knew how to make cement!

Nowadays, you may think of cement as being a substrate material rather than the finished flooring choice. Yet cement tiles are very resilient due to their construction.

They are also available in a range of patterns, making them a great choice if you want to make a statement. Pair vibrant tiles with a neutral wall for a simple yet striking look.

Or mix and match your floor tiles with your walls for more impact. Cement tiles with intricate patterns can look stunning in a small mudroom.

These tiles are also an excellent eco-friendly choice since they’re made from natural materials. You may even be able to find locally sourced options.

The downside to cement tiles is they’re often more expensive than porcelain or ceramic. They also need to be sealed when they’re installed to make them water-resistant. You’ll need to have them regularly resealed to preserve their water resistance.

Stone Tiles

According to research by the American Institute of Architects, desire for mudrooms is second only to wanting outdoor space. Why not bring the outdoors inside with stone tiles?

As the name suggests, these are slices of natural stone, cut into tile sizes. This makes them an eco-friendly choice as no harsh chemicals are used in their manufacture.

They give you the appearance of a stone floor without the expensive price tag of a solid floor. Think of marble, slate, or granite.

You can even experiment with color and pattern with natural stone. Why not lay a grey slate and variegated slate in a herringbone pattern?

The advantage of natural stone over ceramic tiles is its unique texture. It has a variation to its veins, colors, and patterns that manmade tiles can’t match. You won’t get the same sense of repetition across the tiles that you can get with ceramic.

These rough textures also make them a safer choice for mudrooms since they provide a natural non-slip surface.

Stone is durable when it comes to scuffs and scrapes. On the downside, it’s not water-resistant so you’ll need to have them resealed every year.

Which Tile Flooring Will You Choose?

Each of these types of tile flooring comes with its own benefits and downsides. Ceramic and porcelain are waterproof and durable. Yet natural stone and cement are eco-friendly.

Luxury vinyl tiles may be a great compromise between the look of stone and a lower price tag. It’s a great choice if you want to simulate a hardwood floor in your mudroom.

Ulta Home Flooring only uses quality products so your investment will last. We’ll help you turn your mudroom into a room to be proud of using products such as Shaw Floors, COREtec Floors, NuCORE, American Olean, Mohawk Flooring, Marazzi Tile, Emser Tile and Stone, and more. 

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